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Develop a clear vision & action plan
for a successful 2020 and beyond
Dr. Jane Mims, PCC
& Coach Kendra McLaughlin

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Together, We'll Create...
Your Crystal-Clear Understanding:
How to Use Visualization Continually to Empower Yourself
Learn how to tap into your inner power!
Create Meaningful Visualization Tools
That Will Manifest Beyond What You May Think Is Possible
Be able to get past "scrapbook" vision boarding and tap into your subconscious!
Confidence in Your Next Steps
Understand How To Get There Instead of Just Staring at Pictures
We'll give you the mindset know-how of the masters so what you see really becomes what you get.
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If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.
-African Proverb
About The Workshop

This is for people who have dreams and want to know how to make them happen.

This is also for people who are over & done with the dozens of vision board workshops held by people who have no idea what they are doing.

Even if you don't believe vision boards work - or especially if you don't - then this workshop is definitely for you.

Coach Kendra and Dr. Jane are experts in their fields, and are collaborating for this powerful class. 

The class is 90 minutes, and there is class pre-work, so make sure you download your workbook. 

The person who gets the most friends to register for class and come with them will win free coaching with these two dynamic professionals - so email it to your friends and get them to come, too. 

If you can't make it at the time of class, no problem - you'll get a link to a class replay.

What Will I Need?
  • Your Empowering Vision Board Success Workbook which is included with your free registration. 
  • Poster board(s) or a cork/pinboard (Coach Kendra suggests one small, one large so you have a travel or office sized one!) 
  • The usual: Scissors, Adhesive (glue/pushpins), Pens/Pencils, Markers, and Paper
  • 3-5 Magazines that you have not read & which  include subject matter related to your goals - this could be travel, luxury, animals, family, general happiness... whatever!
  • Post-It Notes: At least 5, the color does not matter.
  • Water: It's super important to stay hydrated! Here's a video from Dr. Jane about her favorite drinking water.
  • Time and Privacy: We will spend 90 minutes together for this workshop.
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About Your Hosts

I'm Dr. Jane Mims and I don't do anything unless I can take home the top prize! Through my career as a Mind Mapping Expert, Executive Success Coach, Life Design Specialist and twice Emmy-Award-winning journalist, I always aim for the gold.

Now, my life's work is helping other high-achieving professionals take home their personal gold.

I've coached for nearly 20 years, and now my signature methodology, The Mims Method, is changing lives globally.

My clients say coaching with me quiets the noise around decision making and boils things down to a basic level. Together, my clients & I cut to the chase & skyrocket them to levels of success they never dared to dream about reaching. My methodology is highly specialized to ensure & guarantee long-term change.

I understand firsthand the challenges facing professional & entrepreneurial moms, and my passion is helping them find fulfillment, happiness, peace, & security in their life - both personal & professional.

Schedule a 1:1 assessment with me for a personalized coaching recommendation, visit my online calendar and schedule your breakthrough session. 

I'm Coach Kendra and I know you can overcome anything and achieve things that are beyond what you may currently think are possible.

I am a trauma and addiction recovery specialist, an entrepreneur, a hands on workshop facilitator and trainer in the workplace, and an established leader with strength of will in the face of adversity who will guide you on your journey of healing with compassion and respect.

So often people achieve their dreams but never feel the ultimate joy & fulfillment they long for. Here's a Truth Bomb for you: usually it's because of undiscovered past trauma. That trauma ultimately leads to unhealthy & destructive habits such as addiction.

I’ve been there &  know the pain, confusion, shame and feeling of not knowing where to turn. 

We can help you - just as we've helped many others. 

On behalf of GILD Coaching, I am overjoyed to offer this free vision boarding workshop, and I know you're going to love it.

Compassionate, empowering and purposeful renewal for YOUR life!

Finally, an opportunity for you to focus on YOU and develop an understanding of how trauma, stress and addiction are affecting your life and sabotaging your career.

Schedule a breakthrough coaching assessment with me to discuss a coaching plan that can help you skyrocket! 

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GILD Coaching Success Stories...
"I'm more effective at work & happier at home since working with GILD. I'm kind-of amazed at the changes I've been able to make and keep that way."
"I'm able to overcome obstacles instead of "flying by the seat of my pants" & being stressed out all the time! I have more time for myself and my marriage is better."
"I felt out of control & running in circles
but GILD helped me get it together. I've been promoted and we're having a ball with our newborn son!"
"I've made unbelievable progress. A few months with GILD was more productive than years of counseling. I'm  amazed."
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